1. El72ny.com

    El72ny.com is a location based social network enables you to solve your problems by connecting to near experience people.

  2. Notifications

    Your are notified if

    • A following or near users post a problem you may be capable of solving.
    • Any user comments on one of your problems.
    • Any user send you a message.
  3. Solving problems

    You can help other users to solve their problems using one of these facilities

    • Reach user and help in person.
    • Chat with user.
    • Comment on the problem.
  4. Places

    You can add important places in order to help other users to solve other users.
    For example: Hospitals -> Health , Institutes -> Study , ...etc

  5. Points

    Points represent how active you are on El72ny.com. You get points when you post a problem, comment, ...etc

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